Privacy Policy

1. Relations connected with the collection, storage, distribution and protection of the information about users, are governed by this Policy.

2. Using the application or website and downloading, installing or reproducing the application «Pilgrim Education», User agrees with the conditions of this Policy.

3. In case of User’s disagreement with the conditions of this Policy the use of the Site and the Application «Pilgrim Education» must be stopped immediately. The application must be removed by the user.

4. Pilgrim Education has the right to make changes in this Policy. While making changes in the Policy, Pilgrim Education notifies users by posting a new version of the Policy on the Website in the section "Privacy Policy", the changes take effect from the date of the new version of the Policy is presented on the Site.

5. Pilgrim Education does not collect any personal information. When you download our mobile applications and then use them or the website, we do not require providing any information and don’t fix any data about you or the application on your device.

We use only general information provided by Google Play or Google Analytics, to analyze how users interact with our applications. It includes only technical characteristics of a device without affecting the user's personal data.